The story of how it all began…

Secrets of Tea began after the birth of Samah’s first child, Dora. While a beautiful angel, she was troubled by colic and gas and cried every night, leaving the new parents stressed and bleary eyed.

Modern medicine lacks a solution

As with most new parents, they sought the advice of their pediatrician. On their doctor’s guidance, they tried all the standard over-the-counter remedies to no avail. Poor Dora continued to suffer colic and sleepless nights – as did her parents.

Despondent and worried for their tummy troubled daughter, Samah asked her family for help. Quickly, her grandmother offered an old family solution that seemed too simple and odd to be true. She insisted a simple herbal tea could ease poor Dora’s suffering and allow both her and her parents to sleep through the night.

Trust but verify: research first

Skeptical about giving herbal tea to her newborn daughter – even though her grandmother insisted it’d been used on Samah, Samah’s mother, and on children in their family for generations – Samah insisted on doing extensive research.

The science was sound and the simple herbal tea was indeed safe. So Samah acquired the natural herbs and brewed her first batch of tea. For the 8pm nighttime feeding she mixed a small amount with Dora’s formula and waited.

The results were magical

The results only took a few minutes. Baby Dora began releasing gas and seemed calm and unbothered for the first time in a long while. She fell asleep in her crib and slept comfortably until her next feeding – as did her parents. And for the first time ever, Dora took her overnight feeding and fell back asleep easily. Grandma’s tea indeed seemed to be magical.

Secrets of Tea began with Babies’ Magic Tea

Shocked her pediatrician had never recommended this simple herbal tea, she knew she had to share her revelation with other sleep-deprived parents. Samah started manufacturing Babies’ Magic Tea – and so Secrets of Tea was born.

More importantly, Babies’ Magic Tea helped to avoid tummy troubles in her new twins after their birth, since it was now a regular addition to their baby formulas. So parents and all three children slept comfortably each and every night.

With Babies’ Magic Tea, Samah had discovered a new appreciation for herbal remedies and her family’s heritage. She politely hounded her grandmother and relatives for more hidden wisdom. As her passion grew, she utilized her fluency in several languages to examine old books and manuscripts and online recesses to discover more herbs and ancient tea blends until her home bulged with blossoms, plants, and teas.

Continuing to rediscover the secrets of tea

Secrets of Tea continues to build upon the early success of Babies’ Magic Tea and to create herbal blends and teas of all types. Samah continues to seek out traditional solutions that have fallen out of favor or been lost. She combines this knowledge with her modern research to craft blended teas that maximize the natural healing properties of the herbs and tea itself.